Partnering with the Education Sector to Produce the Next Generation of Entrepreneurial Thinkers, Creators and Leaders

Leveraging our 40+ years of entrepreneurial experience combined with the business, education and pedagogical expertise of our partners, we’ve created higher level learning experiences that prepare young people to be adaptable, employable and competitive in the future.

Entropolis entrepreneurship education programs have been developed  in collaboration with teachers, school executives, entrepreneurs, curriculum experts and partners in academia and enterprise, and tested with almost 20,000 students over the past 6 years.

They integrate to form comprehensive learning pathways with outcomes aligned to the Australian National Curriculum v8.3 and the NSW Syllabus for students in years 4 – 10 across Economics and Business Studies, Design and Technologies; Digital Technologies; and Work Studies.

Entrepreneurship in the Classroom

Futurepreneurs Education program for high school is delivered via an online learning management system with teacher administration to monitor student progress and a comprehensive facilitation guide for easy classroom integration. Students work through 15 levels either teacher-led in the classroom, self-guided at home or in a blended learning format.

Kidpreneur Ninjas Education primary school prograntis designed to be teacher-led using the curriculum aligned lesson plans and other teaching resources we provide as part of your program license. Students will supplement their classroom learning with some tasks completed at home.

Professional Development

School Incursions

The Futurepreneurs Masterclass and Kidpreneur Ninjas Training Day are led by an Entropolis trained facilitator and designed to give students and teachers a fun, fast paced introduction to the exciting world of entrepreneurship and the early modules of our full programs. If you’re thinking of introducing entrepreneurship project-based learning in your school our incursions are a great way to see the curriculum and the kids in action!

** Bookings are Strictly Limited **

Educator Professional Development

Up-Skilling and Supporting Educators

Confident and skilled educators are critical to the successful delivery of our programs and student learning outcomes. All our programs include comprehensive implementation and facilitation guides and lesson plans to enable smooth classroom integration.

** NEW Professional Development Coming Soon **

Our Professional Development programs are designed to upskill and empower educators with the knowledge, capability and confidence to embed entrepreneurial DNA in their school and deliver entrepreneurship-based learning in the classroom. The programs are accredited by NESA and TQI to ensure high quality teaching and learning outcomes aligned to the Australian curricula.

Entrepreneurship-Based Learning Outcomes

Entrepreneurship is a powerful, experiential way to give young people top new work skills for the future

Entrepreneurs are brilliant! They’re on a mission to innovate, invent and commercialise great ideas to make our world better, more fun and a whole lot easier. There are ‘Unicorns’ (i.e. entrepreneurs with $billion+ businesses) out there but entrepreneurs are not mythical beasts and they don’t have super powers … as far as we know of anyway!

Like a talented musician or sportsperson, some people are just born with a powerful entrepreneurial mindset and strong natural motivation to solve problems and pursue new ideas. However, we believe entrepreneurship is a fundamental part of human DNA and, with the right resources and support, anyone can be trained and developed over time to be an effective entrepreneurial thinker.

Training our kids to think, act and create like entrepreneurs will give them great skills for the future regardless of what they decide to do. Not only will they be futureproof, but the world will get the future thinkers, innovators and leaders it really needs to shape the future for all of us.

Learning through entrepreneurship helps young people develop hard and soft skills that will help them successfully navigate the future.

Why Entrepreneurship