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Futurepreneurs Education is a curriculum-aligned 3-unit online entrepreneurship program for years 7 – 10. It combines online student briefings, challenges and assessments with comprehensive teaching resources designed for classroom delivery.

The program is delivered in 3 Units and 16 levels offering blended learning developed through collaboration between entrepreneurs and educators. It’s designed to be a flexible, low-touch, cross-curriculum education resource that integrates easily into classroom programming, augmenting formal education to develop an agile growth mindset and critical skills for the future workforce built through entrepreneurship.

Futurepreneurs Education| Unit 1  covers 6 Levels and more than 20 challenge assignments introducing students to the exciting world of entrepreneurship, activating their entrepreneurial DNA and developing their creative problem solving, design thinking and pitching skills. Along the way they collaborate with other Futurepreneurs, collect feedback on their ideas and build confidence and resilience as they ultimately pitch their business ideas and product prototypes to a (mock) investor audience.

(Note: To maintain privacy and security, students are enrolled in locked school cohorts and are only able to share and interact with students enrolled in their cohort.)



Up to 50 students = $2,599+gst  (Additional students = $25+gst per student)


  • Student account login giving access to Futurepreneurs Education | Unit 1  – 6x Levels with 24 briefings, challenge assignments and assessments
  • Facilitator login and Classroom Implementation Guide – Educators have the option to facilitate learning and track students’ progress and impact via their secure Facilitator dashboard.
  • Secure online school set-up
  • FREE 30-minute onboarding and implementation webinar for schools.
  • Ongoing support from Entropolis HQ education specialists