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Kidpreneur Ninjas Academy is an online entrepreneurship program for upper Primary students. The program is based on our Kidpreneur Challenge, Australia’s leading curriculum-aligned entrepreneurhip education program for primary schools, co-designed by Educators and Entrepreneurs and delivered to more than 28,000 Australian students since 2016.

The program is ideal for students in years 5 and 6 or those who have had prior exposure to entrepreneurship, STEAM or other enterprise / business studies and we’ve designed the program to augment formal studies across key learning areas and general capabilities including:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Design and Technologies
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • The Arts – Creative Arts
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Information and Communication Technology Capability
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Personal and Social Capability
  • Ethical Understanding

The program is self-guided and delivered securely online at

Your program registration fee covers 1 year access to the Kidpreneur Ninjas Academy including:

  • Unlimited access to secure online dashboard
  • Levels 1 – 12 + X1 + X2 + X3
  • Briefings, videos, interactive activities and challenges

Note: Social learning, information sharing, messaging and collaboration tools have been switched off to ensure online privacy and security for U13s. 

The program leads learners through the process of building their own start-up business across 12 Levels. The levels breakdown as follows:

  • Level 1 | The World Of Entrepreneurs
  • Level 2 | Target Customers
  • Level 3 | Design Thinking I
  • Level 4 | Design Thinking II
  • Level 5 | Business Set-Up
  • Level 6 | Business Model Blueprint
  • Level 7 | Financials – Profit + Loss
  • Level X1 | Pitch for Start-Up Capital
  • Level 8 | Naming + Brand Identity
  • Level 9 | Production + Operations
  • Level 10 | Sales + Marketing
  • Level X2 | Sales Pitch Video
  • Level 11 | Business Launch
  • Level 12 | Growing Your Business
  • Level X3 | Investor Pitch Video

Entrepreneurship is not linear and can be pretty relentless in the real-world however, we’ve tried to streamline the process you’ll follow in the program so that time invested is minimised.

We’ve designed the program so that concepts are delivered in short briefings and mini-challenges to keep momentum building. There are 12 levels (+ three extension levels) and each level is divided into 4 sub-levels that ‘chunk’ down the information and make it easier to apply to building your start-up.

The program is self-guided so kidpreneurs can spend as much or as little time as they need to complete the challenges but as a guide, each level (4 sub-levels) should take 3 – 4 hours of work.

Note: There is no time-limit on completing the program.

Access to the program is immediate as soon as we’ve received your payment and verified your email address. Parents / Guardians / Responsible adults will receive emails to their nominated email address to complete the online registration and account set up on Open Learning.

Our programs are designed to give young people skills and experiences that augment their school studies and give them new skills that aren’t easily acquired through the current curriculum.

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to help all young people become more adaptable, employable and competitive adults with comprehensive life-skills. We aren’t just trying to produce more entrepreneurs, we want all young people to have the experience of entrepreneurship from an early age so that it can help shape an agile mindset and give them 21st century skills they will need in the future regardless of their path.

We’ve got strong evidence over the 10 years we’ve been running our programs that ALL learners can excel at entrepreneurship regardless of their background or even if they aren’t gifted in the traditional ‘three As’ – academic, artistic and athletic.

We’ve seen a lot of young people who were depressed or distracted, had low-self esteem and no confidence or dyslexia and other learning difficulties, all have a transformation through the programs, graduating with confidence and a new belief in themselves.

Kidpreneur Ninjas Academy is co-designed by entrepreneurs, educators and enterprise leaders to make sure your kids time with us is engaging while adding the most educational value. Our goal is to train kids to be entrepreneurial thinkers and creators, empowering them with the critical mindset and skillset they need to be adaptable, employable and competitive in the future, whether they ultiamtely decide to build and run their own business or not.

By completing the full program kids will:

  • Be able to think, act and create like entrepreneurs
  • Increase your innovation capacity and ability to solve problems affecting the world
  • Develop an agile growth mindset
  • Become a competent creative and critical thinker
  • Design products and services that solve real-world problem and your customers will love
  • Understand revenue, profit and loss and build other core financial skills
  • Improve your digital literacy
  • Commercialise your products and attract customers through marketing and sales
  • Develop and deliver pitch presentations to help you launch and grow your start-up
  • Enhance your collaboration, decision-making and leadership skills
  • Build your confidence, resilience and risk tolerance

In our experience, young kids have strong imagination, innate problem-solving skills and creativity and our goal in the program is to amplify and build on these natural talents by applying them in the real-work context of building a start-up.

Even if kids have a slow start, they rarely don’t produce a great product solution and viable business. Even if their business doesn’t turn out to be a raging success and / or kids decide that owning their own business is not for them, by training their entrepreneurial mind and skillset through the start-up process, kids will still be learning new practical skills and having fun!

Through learning about entrepreneurship, students develop the life skills of creativity, confidence, resilience, independence and adaptability. These are skills needed for every child to thrive in today’s rapidly changing world and be equipped for careers that don’t exist yet. And as this program has a strong social enterprise focus, we’re teaching kids to use the power of business for good at this early age so they grow up to be global citizens.

Kidpreneur Ninjas Academy allows kids to identify problems and gaps in the world they are interested in or passionate about, use their imagination to come up with a new product solution and turn it into a real business. It opens their eyes and minds to opportunities and shows them that they can self-determine their future.

Online privacy and child security is of paramount importance to us. We use a secure 3rd Party online platform ( to host and deliver our programs and we / they only collect the information from our kidpreneurs that is absolutely necessary to ensure an enjoyable and productive experience online.

We endeavor at all times to remind kidpreneurs of what is safe, appropriate online behavior and to minimise risk we have blocked access to the social learning tools within our program including messaging, information sharing, posting in class forums etc. However, as with any online activities undertaken by kids, we encourage and at times require parental involvement.

You can read more about our privacy, child security and conditions of use policies by clicking on the links below:

We recommend parents and guardians are responsible for enrolling their children in our program and are aware of all online activities undertaken by them through the course of the prorgam.

Parents and guardians will receive notifications and other emails from time to time including advising new information and updates regarding our programs and alerting them to any issues or concerns regarding their childrens online activity

The program is designed to be self-guided for 10 – 13 years olds however, your child may also need your support and input along the way as they learn new and sometimes complex concepts and get their business venture up and running.