Thinking of what product to make can be overwhelming for kidpreneurs when they’re presented with a blank slate of making ‘anything they can dream of’. The most innovative ideas come when students are given a scaffold for their creativity, such as the categories of products to choose from below.

Inside each CK Business Kit is a $40 voucher to purchase product materials fromCleverPatch. This voucher can be used in a range of ways to make products to sell. Here is a fun video introducing

CleverPatch to kidpreneurs and below are some ideas for categories of business to help your kidpreneurs’ decide what to make and sell:


Get a local business to donate out of date or damaged stock to be up-cycled and resold. E.g. a local plant nursery, a grocery store etc. Use the CleverPatch voucher to add materials to the products so they can be improved and sold for a higher price.


Ask people to donate things they don’t need anymore like old toys, clothes, books or video games and resell them – a bit like the Vinnies or Salvo’s model. The CleverPatch voucher can be used to decorate the stall instead of making products.


Find old materials that can be used to create a new product for free. E.g. Collect old cans or bottles to make vases decorated with materials sourced from CleverPatch.


Use the CleverPatch voucher for materials to run a stall competition where the winners get a special item or donated prize. Customers can pay to participate in the competition, and not all of them might win a prize. This would make more money than selling each product or prize to one customer as each item could earn money from more than one person.


Eenable customers to create or request their own custom product e.g. personalised name jewellery or key rings.


Use the CleverPatch voucher to purchase materials to offer a service to customers. E.g. face painting, hair braiding, portrait sketching or cartoon drawings of people. Encourage students to think about what they’re passionate about and to turn it into a product. E.g. Do they like drawing, animals, doing people’s hair, cooking etc? The idea of entrepreneurship is a passion can become a way to earn a living.


Remember, the a successful product is starts with customer needs and works out what kind of product could be designed to meet that need. Kidpreneurs will conduct market research in module 5 & 6 to find out customer needs and design their product accordingly. In module 10 they will learn how to promote the product to customers based on how it will help them (product benefits).

Remember to encourage students to ask:

  • Will customers want to buy this product?
  • How many items can we make and what price could we charge?
  • Will this make us enough money to pay back $75 and then make a profit?

For more inspiration, Club Kidpreneur have also put together a 101 Business Ideas resource with more ideas, and CleverPatch have a whole ‘Ideas’ section of their website full of  innovative craft ideas (check it out here).

Kidpreneurs always come up with more innovative ideas than we adults do, so please let us know any of your star business products and we’ll add them to our list!