Experiential entrepreneurship education designed to augment year 7 – 10 formal curriculum and build the mindset and skillset students need to be adaptable, employable and competitive in the future


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Masterclass Incursion + Online Academy Program Designed for Classroom Delivery

Futurepreneurs Education offers comprehensive experiential learning through two programs designed to augment and amplify formal education outcomes for students, while supporting teachers preparing them for the future workforce.

Both programs expose students to the power of entrepreneurship and deliver curriculum aligned learning for students in years 7 – 10 across Economics and Business Studies; Design and Technologies; Digital Technologies; and Work Studies.


Fast-paced, interactive and challenging one-day facilitated workshop incursion for high school years 9 – 10, building their entrepreneurial thinking capability, problem solving and commercial acumen.

A trained Entropolis facilitator leads students through 12 exciting challenges designed to develop their creative problem solving, design thinking, business modelling and pitching skills. Along the way they collaborate with their peers, collect feedback on their ideas and build their confidence and resilience as they present their business concepts to a live audience.

  • Fast paced one-day workshop incursion designed to inspire and empower students to think, act and create like entrepreneurs.
  • Trained Entropolis facilitator guides students through 12 exciting curriculum-aligned entrepreneurship challenges.
  • Students collaborate with their classmates to develop creative design solutions to real-world problems.
  • Challenges culminate in an ideas pitch to build confidence and resilience.
  • All materials including student workbooks and business model templates provided.
  • Great way to upskill teachers to deliver 21st century learning through entrepreneurship.
  • Opportunities to engage parents and the broader school community in the kids learning.
  • PLUS: package discounts when you register for the Masterclass and the Academy.
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Curriculum-aligned entrepreneurship program for years 7 – 10, combining 16 online modules with comprehensive teaching resources designed for classroom delivery.

Futurepreneurs Academy offers blended learning developed through collaboration between entrepreneurs and educators. It’s designed to be a flexible, cross-curriculum education resource that integrates easily into classroom programming, augmenting formal education to develop the mindset and critical skills for the future workforce through entrepreneurship.

  • Futurepreneurs Academy Online program with comprehensive educator guide, lesson plans and other teaching and learning resources.
  • 16 Levels and 60 sub-levels with briefings, videos, assignments and assessments built into every level.
  • Students work through program levels online, accessing briefings, videos, assignments and other resources to help them become competent entrepreneurial thinkers and creators.
  • Educators lead briefings and assessment in the classroom using our comprehensive facilitation guide, and track students’ progress and impact via an administration dashboard.
  • Designed to deliver comprehensive entrepreneurship education with opportunities to apply skills in a real-world context.
  • Student assessment covering progress in Entrepreneurial knowledge, mindset and skillset development included.
  • Accredited Educator Professional Development available in 2020.
  • Free access to our collaborative community of educators and entrepreneurs with access to curated teaching and learning resources and ongoing implementation support.
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Earn points and badges
Experiential Learning Augments Formal Curriculum
Futurepreneurs One Academy
Engaging Content with Practical, Real-World Applications
Growth Mindset
Develops Mindset and Skillset for the Future
Problem-solving, Collaboration, Confidence and Resilience

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