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    About Us

    Entropolis is an education technology business established in 2015 and based in the heart of Sydney. We offer a portfolio of online education programs and engaging real-world experiences for 10 – 18 year olds, teaching them to think, act and create like entrepreneurs.

    There are more than 1.5 billion young people between the ages of 10 and 25 in the world today, the largest cohort in history. Some reports estimate that up to 60% of these kids are not acquiring the 21st century education or skills they need to successfully transition to the workforce or build livelihoods as adults.

    We work alongside the education sector and parents, providing high quality programs, teaching and learning resources for 10 – 18 year olds, that augment formal curriculum and train the next generation to be innovators and entrepreneurial thinkers, not just entrepreneurs.

    Global research has been identified entrepreneurship as one of the most powerful contextual, experiential learning frameworks for developing innovation capability; a growth mindset; creativity and critical thinking; financial and digital literacy; and other critical workforce skills kids are going to need to be adaptable, employable and competitive in the future.

    In 2014 we started developing our programs to fulfill the emerging need for  a considered pathway approach to developing 21st Century skills from an early stage.  We saw an opportunity to combine our rich entrepreneurial experience and deep network connections with strong education partnerships to add value to what is already being taught in schools.

    Making Entrepreneurship accessible to all kids …

    Since 2015 we’ve engaged more than 25,000 young people across 850 diverse schools and communities in Australia and New Zealand and are poised to deliver more scale and impact across Asia Pacific and beyond with the launch of our new online primary and high school programs, incursions and other higher level learning experiences.

    Meet the Team

    Before joining forces in 2017 to build Entropolis, the Management Team worked together on a diverse range of corporate and entrepreneurial projects since 1998. Leveraging our complementary skill sets and rich individual experience, our mission is to partner with entrepreneurs, educators and enterprise stakeholders to offer entrepreneurship education and real-world learning experiences that are engaging and inspiring for young people while delivering strong impact and pedagogical outcomes.

    Tania Price

    Tania Price | Founder and CEO

    Tania has over 15 years in international brand and advertising agencies with specific experience in brand strategy and development, senior management and business development, working with large global clients in APAC and Europe.

    In 2010 she co-founded not-for-profit Club Kidpreneur and, during her tenure as Chair and Executive Director from 2015, developed the program IP and curricula, managed the business through the strategic pivot to the current commercial edtech model and led the re-brand and technology implementation.

    Tania is an active investor of time and capital in businesses aligned to her vision of a future world driven by entrepreneurial endeavour. Her vision for Entropolis is to be the world’s leading provider of high-quality interactive entrepreneurship–based education and higher level learning experiences, with the goal of preparing the next generation for success in a fast-changing and uncertain future world.


    Ed Commander | COO

    Ed is an experienced commercial leader and brings to Entropolis a strong product implementation and market development focus.

    He has over 20 years experience in marketing, customer and business management, product commercialisation and new business development working in the UK, USA and Asia Pacific.

    He founded and ran his own successful integrated agency business for 7 years and most recently, as Marketing and Customer Manager Asia, led the regional expansion of one of Australia’s largest health and wellbeing companies.


    Operating Team and Consultants

    Liz Walsh | Marketing and Communications Executive

    Tania Schoeman | Design Director, Brand and User Experience

    Heather MacDonald | Education Partnerships and Curriculum Development

    Advisory Board

    The Power of Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship is a powerful, experiential way to give young people top new work skills for the future

    Entrepreneurs are brilliant! They’re on a mission to innovate, invent and commercialise great ideas to make our world better, more fun and a whole lot easier. There are ‘Unicorns’ (i.e. entrepreneurs with $billion+ businesses) out there but entrepreneurs are not mythical beasts and they don’t have super powers … as far as we know anyway!

    Like a talented musician or sportsperson, some people are just born with a powerful entrepreneurial mindset and strong natural motivation to solve problems and pursue new ideas. But we believe entrepreneurship is a fundamental part of human DNA and, with the right resources and support, anyone can be trained and developed over time to be effective entrepreneurial thinkers and creators.

    Training our kids to think, act and create like entrepreneurs will give them great skills for the future regardless of what they decide to do. Not only will they be futureproof, but the world will get the future thinkers, innovators and leaders it really needs to shape the future for all of us.

    Top Workforce Skills for 2020

    Why Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship Education in Schools

    Partnering with the education sector and empowering teachers to futureproof the next generation and prepare them for success …

    Our modular experiential programs are technology enabled and highly adaptive to programming in multiple learning environments across Government, Independent, Catholic and Private education.

    All our programs have been designed in collaboration with entrepreneurs, educators and curriculum experts to ensure they are relevant and engaging to young people while delivering assessable educational outcomes mapped to the Australian National Curriculum v8.3, NSW Syllabus and Digital Technologies framework.

    Curriculum mapped programs and teaching resources for classroom plug and play …

    Our education packages include a classroom facilitation guide; ongoing support; an online community and resource centre for knowledge sharing; and accredited professional development for educators.

    The launch of our new high school program Futurepreneurs, incursions and online learning available from Term 3, 2019 allow us to provide deeper entrepreneurship-based learning and pathways aligned to requirements for the future workforce.