Empowering educators with the knowledge and confidence to deliver entrepreneurship-based learning in the classroom


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Entrepreneurial Learning Frameworks in the Primary Classroom

Course Format

Train the Trainer program for Educators who are new to delivering entrepreneurial learning and looking for ways to maximise student engagement and outcomes. Educators will will be given the knowledge, tools and resources to embed entrepreneurship education in the classroom and support the learning and development of other Educators.


1. Webinar

Educators are introduced to the key aspects of Entrepreneurial Studies through a 30-minute webinar to prepare them for success in the following full day workshop.

Futurepreurs one

2. Workshop

Educators are immersed in the key learning outcomes of Entrepreneurial Studies and the impact this learning has on students in an interactive one-day workshop led by a trained facilitator.

Professional Development Outcomes

Completing the professional development course will contribute 5.5 hours of NESA Registered PD, addressing multiple descriptors from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.


Build your knowledge and develop the skills to confidently embed entrepreneurial studies in your school and an entrepreneurial mindset in students.


Learn to assess and track Entrepreneurial talent in students and creating an entrepreneurial learning pathway for students that aligns to and augments current curriculum.


Working collaboratively with other educators to develop a tailored unit of work relevant to their school community and cohort of students, using our recommended frameworks.


Connect with schools that have embedded Entrepreneurial Studies in their curriculum and observe the impact it has had on their students, educators and wider school community.

Futurepreneurs One Academy

Consult and learn from entrepreneurs and subject matter experts to challenge your thinking and seek advice.

Growth Mindset

Feel confident delivering STEM and digital technologies through an Entrepreneurship framework and become part of a network of Educators creating real change in delivering 21st Century skills for their cohort of students.