Teacher Adam Mitchell at Billanook College VIC took up the CK Challenge program in term 3, 2015. Here is a quick snapshot of the unique way Adam is running the program in his own words:
“We are nearly at the end of term 3, but we are nowhere near the end of ClubK! However, this is entirely by design. What has been the most wonderful thing about our CK experience is that it has been run entirely by parents. I am in the fortunate position of having 2 parents who come in on a weekly basis and work through the modules with the children. This is a double win, as its not only valuable to have our parent community in the classroom, but it means that the program gets the status it needs, as it’s not being run by a time poor teacher!

The ‘parent teachers’ have worked slowly and methodically through the modules, but also added in ideas and things from the news, current affairs and their own life experience, which has enriched the program no end. Our target has always been to run the ‘events’ during term 4, and this has taken the pressure off everyone, in what is one of our busiest terms. I would highly recommend this parent-led workshop model as a strategy to anyone who doesn’t feel that they have the time to take it on.

It could most certainly be done as a whole class with parents facilitating. That would be fantastic for strengthening a school community [although]… I personally would feel obliged to be around to keep a check on ‘crowd control!’ Alternatively, a group of 4 parents, each working with a small group, would also be an option.”