In the September school holidays, Club Kidpreneur ran ‘Budding Business Brains’ workshops at three Westfield shopping centres in Sydney. 154 kids learned to build and launch their own micro-enterprise with the majority returning to sell products at a Kidpreneur Market Day. Together these kidpreneurs raised an impressive $3,403.50 at Westfield Parramatta, Warringah and Miranda!

Budding Business Brains is a new initiative of Club Kidpreneur’s in 2015. Over a series of three hour workshops, kidpreneurs learn to launch a real-world business from scratch, creating a business name, designing a logo and creating a job title and business cards. They then produce a product prototype and develop sales and customer service skills in preparation for market day. Following the workshop the kidpreneurs then return to a week later to sell their own handmade products at a Club Kidpreneur Market Stall in the same Westfield mall.

One parent described their child’s experience like this: “The program was unlike any other school holiday workshops on offer which is why we booked in. We had no idea what it would be like but were ultimately very impressed. The ages of our kids vary, but they all absorbed different ideas from the same experience, depending on their age. Making and selling for the youngest, but more complex ideas about marketing and planning were understood by the eldest all within the same workshop. It was great to see that the kids stayed enthusiastic about the workshop in the week leading up to Market Day and did a lot of discussing, planning and making without being asked, reminded or prompted by us, they were just excited. They took it very seriously and put a lot of heart and thought into their Market Day and came away from it so proud of themselves. It’s a pretty unique experience for kids that they got so much from, highly recommend.”

The Budding Business Brains program was first piloted at Westfield Bondi Junction in August 2015.

The aim of the workshops is to spark an entrepreneurial spirit in primary-aged kids by introducing their first experience of entrepreneurship at a young age while their career aspirations are forming. Entrepreneurial skills are the life skills every kid needs to thrive in their future career – whether they start their own business or not. In our rapidly changing world, every kid needs to develop confidence, resilience, self-esteem and financial literacy from an early age.

In the words of another parent – “In this day and age it’s never too early to teach our children about the real world and what it takes to succeed. The Club Kidpreneur concept aims to do just that. My son learnt valuable lessons, such as ‘practical application of confidence’ and ‘real life experience with managing money’, all skills which he wouldn’t necessarily get from a classroom and hopefully with this experience has developed and seeded some life long skills which he’ll apply in the future.” 

When asked what the most valuable thing about the workshop was for their child, another parent said:

“Understanding that they don’t need to wait until they are grow ups to explore entrepreneurship. Also the sense of empowerment they get from creating something from scratch and seeing the results (i.e. sales). Being able to experience the process from beginning to end. Being able to make some money and decide how to use it (i.e. donate to charity, buy something for someone special, save it).”

After learning about what entrepreneurs can do with their profits, participating kidpreneurs were encouraged to use the power of business for good by donating 50% of the profit earned at market day to PLAN International’s Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal. From their market day proceeds, kidpreneurs donated $1064.65 to PLAN International, with a handful of kidpreneurs donating another $164.75 to other causes of their choice – a stellar result for any entrepreneur!

“My son … was definitely shy and hesitant on market day but after his first sale, his confidence grew and he proactively approached passersby and even managed to sell all his products! He even made a new friend (also known as his business partner). He had a great experience and wants to be involved again next year! The most valuable thing [he learned] was confidence. Initially, he was a bit shy to sell his products, but at the end of the day he was so happy that he was able to sell, donate money and get a bit of profit. He feels satisfaction and happiness.”

We will be running more Budding Business Brains workshops in the January school holidays at Westfield Shopping Centres across NSW. To register your interest in having your child attend the workshops click below.