Child, The Real Guide for Parents: Do You Have A Kidpreneur?

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Think your child may be better suited to business than ball sports? This holiday camp may help your mini Sheryl Sandberg or Bill Gates get started. Not-for-profit foundation Club Kidpreneur has created an interactive entrepreneurial program for kids aged eight to 12 years in which volunteers who are themselves entrepreneurs and/or teachers mentor the [...]

Startup Daily| Camp Kidpreneur set to empower underprivileged kids

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In recognising the demand for entrepreneurs in this day and age, non-for-profit foundation Club Kidpreneur has designed a unique, interactive and educational entrepreneurial programme for kids across Australia. The Camp Kidpreneur holiday programme is taking place in nine locations nationwide to foster entrepreneurial thinking in children aged between 8 and 12 years. Camp [...]

The Advocate | Forth Primary pupils join Club Kidpreneur

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LEARNING, team work, planning and innovation were just some of the skills being used by pupils at Forth Primary School in a nationwide challenge run by Club Kidpreneur. A class of grade 6 pupils were tasked with building and launching a real world social enterprise which makes $50 or more and donates 100 per [...]

The New Daily | Business is child’s play for youthful entrepreneurs

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Many successful entrepreneurs started out in business selling simple products before they began high school. We take a look at the next generation of kids making it big before they graduate. Read More

I saw an entrepreneur born at Bondi markets: Rebekah Campbell talks Club Kidpreneur and how it can change your child’s life

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Last month I had the privilege to mentor at Club Kidpreneur – a program teaching 8 – 12 year olds to start businesses. It was inspiring to see their enthusiasm for creating something from nothing, to be a part of guiding them and to watch their confidence transform as they found customers for [...]

Motherpedia: How it helps children developmentally and academically

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Children today are increasingly turning to the internet and handheld mobile devices for educational development and entertainment, with Australian children among the youngest and most prolific users in the world[1]. A recent study has shown that Australian children use up to three internet-enabled devices[2], while another study found... Read More