One of Australia’s most vocal proponents of fostering entrepreneurial development says generational change is needed if the National Innovation and Science Agenda is to succeed.

Founder and Chairman of Club Kidpreneur Creel Price says, “It’s entrepreneurial thinking that drives the world forward in leaps and bounds, instead of waiting for incremental change to produce anything significant,”

“The Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda is a positive step in the right direction to ignite that entrepreneurial spirit– it’s finally starting to hit home that entrepreneurial education is needed at the next-gen level.

A serial entrepreneur, Creel has built 14 businesses in his lifetime, the most successful ‘Blueprint Management Group’, which he sold for $109 million in 2009.

“I have been advocating for 10 years that Australia needed a revival of entrepreneurial thinking along with the education, policy and infrastructure required to support entrepreneurship at all levels.

Price is fostering entrepreneurship on a global level through education. In partnership with Sir Richard Branson, Price delivers entrepreneurial training at the Branson Centres for Entrepreneurship and in 2009 founded the Club Kidpreneur Foundation which works with primary schools to inspire entrepreneurial thinking in children by teaching them how to start their own business.

Club Kidpreneur has been leading the conversation about entrepreneurship with schools for the past six years and has seen significant impact from its program – 8000 primary age kids across 500 schools have participated to create 10,000 micro-enterprises and raise $350,000 for charity.

“Kids need to be exposed to entrepreneurial skills at a young age because these are life skills,” said Price.

“Real change is generational, and if we’re to see a truly innovative and thriving future for Australia, our kids can’t be educated like we were – something has to change, that’s why I founded Club Kidpreneur.

“With this new level of Government focus, support and funding, Club Kidpreneur can do more in this space.”

As well as fostering tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, Creel is also developing the entrepreneurs of today through his business Investible – a talent accelerator and business generation lab, working to address the need for talented founders, investor-ready businesses and access to capital.

Through a rolling series of 10-week business ideation and launch programs, Investible is creating a pipeline of investment-worthy talent and businesses, making world-class entrepreneurial education more accessible to aspiring founders.

The complementary Club Investible is simultaneously working to make investing into high growth start-ups more available, lucrative and hassle-free for investors, led by Creel and Australian angel investor Trevor Folsom.

“Founders, their startups and investors are three pieces to the entrepreneurial puzzle, which all need to be developed. Club Kidpreneur, Investible and Club Investible model the multi-sided approach that is required for the Entreprenaissance to be achieved in this century,” says Folsom.

Price said for there to be generational change towards innovation, the Government needs to create an enabling environment for industry to all benefit from policies and funding.

“What is particularly pleasing is the Government’s commitment to foster collaboration with industry to create a full entrepreneur ecosystem including education pathways and job opportunities of the future,” said Price.

“We welcome the opportunity to work more closely with the Government and industry to deliver on these initiatives.”

For more information and interviews contact: Gemma Alker, Club Kidpreneur mobile: 0408 776 531