Entropolis aims to future-proof the next generation by teaching them how to think, act, create and be resilient like an entrepreneur

Adding to our flagship curriculum mapped program Kidpreneur Challenge in primary schools, we have recently launched this edtech designed to provide immersive entrepreneurship experiences for 8 – 25 year olds, and make innovation, entrepreneurship and STEM education more accessible, engaging, connected and valuable to a larger and more diverse group of students.

This online destination includes a guided entrepreneurship-based education pathway and dynamic resource centre, 26,000+ pieces of curated content and a community of educators, parents and other stakeholders fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and skillset in the next generation. Our dynamic city will be powered by an active network global adult educators, entrepreneurs, government and enterprise, and our goal is to have 100,000 young entrepreneurs globally by 2020 connecting through the platform to share ideas and build a pathway for success in the future.


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Foster an entrepreneurial mindset and embed intrinsic entrepreneurial DNA in the next generation.

KidpreneurTV | Challenges | Online Activations | Community Engagment


Learn about innovation and entrepreneurship, and the importance of developing an enterprise skillset in young people.

Kidpreneur Challenge Online | Tools and Apps | Curriculum and Resources


Build innovation capacity and a 21st century skillset in young people and the educators tasked with supporting them

Educator Development | Webinars | Mentoring | Ecosystem Support


Bring schools, parents, governments, business and the community together to share wisdom, collaborate and futureproof the next generation of job creators, employees and global citizens

Global Business Network | Advice and Wisdom Sharing | Forum

Producing the Architects of Future Business

We are building a guided education pathway populated and powered by the combined wisdom, experience and capacity of global adult educators, entrepreneurs, government and enterprise.

This vast IP and human resource will be applied to igniting the entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation, and equipping them with the creativity, knowledge capacity, technical skills, courage and resilience to become the brilliant business brains and successful leaders of the future.

Our inclusive and collaborative city is:

Imagined and created by entrepreneurs in 2017 to be owned, shaped and powered by the next generation of emerging entrepreneurs

Fostering entrepreneurship and helping create exciting new enterprises that will ultimately change the world and impact society in big and small ways

Highlighting the opportunities and possibilities and mapping new career pathways for young people making key decisions about their future.

We aim to become the go to expert on entrepreneurship education and educator training:

Inside Entropolis we are building 'precincts' offering education programs, engaging content, business information, resources and tailored support for our young entrepreneur citizens and their adult support crew.

Best-in-class real-world, experiential programs with content and delivery matched to new curriculum outcomes and market expectations
Cutting edge entrepreneurship curriculum scaffold with STEM augmentation and digital integration
Comprehensive data collection and impact analysis and reporting
Pre-eminent global online destination for young entrepreneurs eight - 25 years
Entrepreneur connectivity and leverage
Educator training and support

The Digital Revolution of Club Kidpreneur

Entropolis is the edtech evolution of Club Kidpreneur, Australia's longest running school-based entrepreneurship education program offering a range of quality real-world programs specifically designed for primary school students aged eight-12 years.

Club Kidpreneur's mission is to embed an entrepreneurial mindset in the next generation, equipping and empowering young people with the confidence, resilience, creativity and critical thinking to thrive in their future careers.

Founded by one Australia's most successful entrepreneurs Creel Price in 2010, their interactive, experiential schools program Kidpreneur Challenge teaches kids how to put an idea into commercial reality by building their own micro-business and selling products at a market, and they learn the power of business for good by donating their profits to charity.

They also:

Build an innovation capability;
Stretch their creativity;
Get comfortable with risk and failure:
Build resilience and confidence; and
Gain a 21st century enterprise skillset critical for success in the future world of work

Since 2010 Club Kidpreneur has worked with almost 14,000 kids across 700 schools, and has collectively raised more than $600,000 for charity.

Entropolis suite of products provides a complete development pathway to future-proof the next generation for a new world of work and business.
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