Search for Australia’s Top Young Entrepreneurs, aged 10-12 years

Search for Australia's Top Young Entrepreneurs, aged 10-12 years Club Kidpreneur Foundation, the not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurship in primary school children, has launched a national competition to search for Australia’s top young entrepreneurs, aged 10-12 years. The ‘Kidpreneur Challenge’ is a national primary-school based competition for years 5 and 6 [...]

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Gold Coast Bulletin: Meet the kids who are set to earn big bucks selling coffee trees

GOLD Coast siblings Lexi and Liam Jack may seem small but their bank account could soon be very large. At just eight and 12 years old, the “kidpreneurs” have established their own business called Live The Dream Grow Your Own Coffee which sees them grow and sell coffee trees from as little as $5. [...]

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A Growing Team

  The Club Kidpreneur team is both excited and humbled to welcome our newest member, Robyn Kronenberg to the team. An esteemed educator and school leader, Robyn will lead the development and nurturing of our School Partnerships portfolio. Robyn has made a significant contribution to education over the past forty years, both as a [...]

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Partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to encourage kidpreneurs

Club Kidpreneur Foundation, the social enterprise that teaches kids how to start their own business, today announced it has continued its partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) as their Principal Technology Partner. Together with Club Kidpreneur Foundation, HPE has invested in future entrepreneurs with a partnership that will connect HPE’s Australian workforce with a national [...]

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Creel Price on the Innovation Agenda

If you’ve been following the media lately, you might notice that entrepreneurship is the new black. This is music to the ears of successful entrepreneur and driver of the Entreprenaissance, Creel Price, who for the past 10 years has been tirelessly advocating for a revival of entrepreneurial thinking along with the education, policy and infrastructure [...]

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Inspirational Business Ideas for Kidpreneurs

Thinking of what product to make can be overwhelming for kidpreneurs when they’re presented with a blank slate of making ‘anything they can dream of’. The most innovative ideas come when students are given a scaffold for their creativity, such as the categories of products to choose from below. Inside each CK Business Kit is [...]

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Canberra Times: Kidpreneurs on their way up

Most kids see school holidays as an opportunity to switch off their minds and switch on the electronic distraction.But a group of entrepreneurial youngsters have spent the first few days of the school holidays masterminding what could potentially be the next big thing.Club Kidpreneur is a national program founded by serial entrepreneur Creel Price [...]

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StartUp Smart – Club Kidpreneur aims to fire the entrepreneurial spirit within young children

Thousands of primary school children will come together over the next few weeks to participate in a program that aims to encourage entrepreneurial thinking in children. Launched in 2010, Club Kidpreneur aims to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship in children aged 8 to 12. The students donate the money they have raised through their business [...]

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