Education pathway programs and higher-level learning experiences training young people to think, act and create like entrepreneurs.

Build a Start-Up. Futureproof Yourself!

Skills Built Through Entrepreneurship

We offer comprehensive 21st Century learning designed to produce entrepreneurial thinkers, creators and leaders, not just entrepreneurs.

Our entrepreneurship programs have been co-created by entrepreneurs and education experts to help primary, secondary and tertiary students build their innovation capacity and hard and soft skills they need to be adaptable, employable and competitive in the future, regardless of the path they choose.
We work alongside the education sector, parents and extra-curricular learning providers, offering highly adaptable online curricula and connected, real-world experiences for young people, plus high-quality teaching resources to empower and upskill educators.

Flexible. Accessible. Inclusive. Engaging.

 We believe there is entrepreneurial superpower in all of us and we want all young people, regardless of who the are or where they come from, to experience entrepreneurship before they leave school.



Self-guided online programs for 10+ year olds with real-world application. Learners build their own start-up and work through multiple gamified levels  on their journey to become entrepreneurial thinkers, creators and collaborators.


Incursions and curriculum-aligned entrepreneurship staged pathway programs for upper primary, secondary, vocational and tertiary students with comprehensive teaching resources designed for classroom delivery.



Bespoke program development with aligned partners, integrating our IP and customised entrepreneurship modules to augment formal education and amplify learning outcomes.

Run in classroom, or combine with self-guided at home participation




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Our Programs


Comprehensive, Curriculum-Aligned Entrepreneurship Education for High School.

Two multi-level experiential entrepreneurship programs that augment year 7 to 12 studies designed for blended learning on and offline. Students solve real-world problems creatively, develop innovative product solutions and learn how to commercialise and scale their own start-up.

NEW online, self-guided entrepreneurship course for secondary and tertiary students.

Learn how to build a real-world start-up business working through 15 game-ified levels and more than 60 simulated business challenges designed to help build problem solving, creativity and critical thinking, commercial acumen, teamwork and other high-value skills for the future workforce.


Comprehensive, Curriculum-Aligned Entrepreneurship Education for Primary School.

NEW evolution of our flagship Kidpreneur Challenge with 35,000 alumni. Ideal for years 5 and 6, students build a start-up business over 10 weeks guided by their teachers using comprehensive, curricula-aligned teaching resources.  Along the way they develop hard and soft skills including creative problem solving, design-thinking, digital and financial literacy, pitching, teamwork, confidence and resilience.

Epic Online Entrepreneur Adventure for 10 – 13 years Training Them to Think, Act and Create Like Entrepreneurs.

Interactive and fun experiential online program based on our flagship Kidpreneur Challenge with an alumni of more than 25,000. Over 14 levels and almost 50 exciting real-world challenges, kids explore the epic world of entrepreneurs and build their own start-up, inspiring them to become the innovators, creative problem solvers, critical thinkers and leaders of the future.

Partnerships, IP Licensing and Bespoke Program Development

We work with extra-curricular education providers, coaches and other aligned partners to augment their offer with bespoke entrepreneurship programs and experiences leveraging our proprietary IP, rich entrepreneurial experience and deep ecosystem connections. These programs are designed to amplify learning and deliver high-quality pedagogy with tighter budgets and time frames.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, UN General Assembly September 21, 2018

Entrepreneurship in Action

Join our alumni of more than 30,000 young people and 2,500 educators developing, applying and amplifying their entrepreneurial skills to prepare for the future.

“Without urgent investment in 21st century education and livelihood skills training, the rapidly growing global population of young people – which will reach 2 billion by 2030 – will continue to be unprepared and unskilled for the future workforce”